Benefits of Fly ash
The use of fly ash in concrete can lead to many improvements in overall concrete performance. Some key benefits include:
•   Reduced Water Content
•   Improved Workability
•   Reduced Segregation
•   Improved Pumpability
•   Improved Finishing
•   Low Heat of Hydration
•   Lower Drying Shrinkage
•   Improved Long Term Strength
•   Decreased Permeability
•   Increased Durability
•   Improved resistance to Alkali Silica Reactivity
•   Improved resistance to Sulfate Attack
•   Low Chloride Ingress
•   Good Carbonation Protection
•   Reduced Efflorescence

Fly ash particles
Fly ash particles at 2,000 x magnification
Photomicrograph made with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

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