Major Recycling & Environmental Success Story: 10,000,000 tonnes


In December 2015, Flyash Australia (FAA) has passed 10 million tonnes of fly ash dispatches from the Eraring plant, since operations commenced in 1986.

FAA’s shareholders, Boral Limited and Cement Australia & their concrete customers have developed the beneficial use of this material, predominantly as a partial cement replacement in concrete elements, products & structures, throughout NSW & ACT. 

This is indeed an outstanding recycling achievement and an environmental success, significantly reducing land fill waste and CO2 emissions.

The beneficial use of 10,000,000 tonnes of fly ash in concrete equates to a reduction in CO2 gas emissions in excess of 4.5 million tonnes* over this period.

Well Done!

*Based on Industry Average net CO2 emissions for grey cement clinker, Asia & Oceania 2013.

FAA Eraring:  Paul Mecham (FAA Maintenance), Peter Parkhill (FAA Maintenance Supervisor), Tony Tsourvakas (Boral tanker driver ), Paul Kew (FAA Operator), John Collins (Cement Australia tanker driver), Colin Enright (FAA Operations Manager

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